Automate your workforce & spend time on things that matter


Deputy Workforce Management software is the all in one staff management toolkit that is essential in any business managing staff. It can handle everything you need it to do, from staff rosters and timetables, timesheets and attendance monitoring, staff communication and task and performance management. There are seamless integrations to Xero or & variety integrations for Point of Sale (POS) software for those in retail and hospitality assisting in scheduling staff based on hourly sales.

This genius software is used and trusted by some of the worlds biggest companies so give paper rosters and timesheets the flick. Ask us how to get started with Deputy today.

App Snapshot

What does it do?

Workforce management – staff rosters, staff timetables, staff schedules, leave management, costed timetables, timesheets, timeclock, task assigments, task management, performance analysis, perfrmance reviews, staff communication,

Who is it suitable for? 

Retail. hospitality, manufacturers, construction, healthcare, services, education