January 4, 2023

ServiceM8 11 Common Q&A

Servicem8 1
ServiceM8 11 has arrived!

ServiceM8 11 was released with updates focussing on making it easier to manage jobs, scheduling, quoting and invoicing as well as managing staff & customers.

Key Points of ServiceM8 11 Update

  • From September 2022, ServiceM8 11 update was released opt-in only by clicking the activate link on the launch page https://www.servicem8.com/au/september-2022-update
  • If you had not updated via opt-in, accounts were notified via a header in the settings menu and prompted to update
  • As of early December, the remaining desktop accounts have been gradually moved over to the Servicem8 11 Updates
  • Updating Desktop version does not update the mobile app this can be done by Clicking Here
  • Updating IOS to the newest available version is also required. Click Here to view the steps.

Much needed improvements to the ServiceM8 11 desktop application

  • Maximise job card view and see attachments side by side with your quote and invoice entry
  • Break down quotes into sections with sub-headings
  • Turn automations off by client
  • Improve google reviews and automate review reminders, as a result, gain more trust with potential customers
  • Pick from multiple contacts for job contacts, billing contacts and a new property manager contact for working with real estates
  • Setting Queue orders allowing you to set the order of queues based on your workflow
  • Setting staff order making it easier to schedule an apprentice names Zac with a tradesman named Aaron due to not being alphabetical order anymore
  • Visibility improvements on calendar view and Schedule view detailing out of hours schedules as well as being able to view allocated jobs on the schedule
  • Invoicing improvements so that you can now approve invoices to go Xero, MYOB, or Quickbooks much faster

Much needed improvements to the ServiceM8 Mobile App

  • Room Scan Allowing you to measure and map whole houses in minutes, for the purpose of measuring square meters of wall space or lineal meters quicker
  • Improved calendar view in general making it easier to view and manage your schedule
  • Image text recognition making it easier to add notes or add a phone number written on a piece of cardboard
  • Time tracking engine powered by artificial intelligence that automatically checks staff in and out of a job, while also monitoring off site trips and giving the staff member the ability to choose to bill for trips to wholesalers and not bill to grab lunch
  • Highlighting and notifying the admin if a device has GPS turned off
  • Job diary filters allowing staff to filter out customer communication and just view photos and attachments

To view the full list of features and improvements click Here, we have also included the full launch video and the 1 minute recap below

Full 50 Minute Launch Video
Quick 1 Minute Recap
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